Mary Stylianou


1956 - 2018




Dip. Fine Art (W.I.A.E.)

Major: Painting

Sub Major: Photography


Dip. Ed. (Melbourne University)


Grad. Dip. Dance and Movement







Sept 1986 - June 1987 Employed by the Ministry For The Fine Arts as an Urban Artist, C.E.P. program.

Project: Footscray Wharves and Environs

Role was to be part of the Design Team:

Des Gunn (Landscape Advisory Service, Western Region Commission

Anette Masterwicz (Ministry for Planning and Environment)

William Kelly (Visual Artist)

in consultation with:

Edwin Relf and Ric McCracken (Director at Footscray Community Art Centre)

in liaison with:

Peter Haffenden (Living Museum Of The West)


N.E.I.S. 1996 Business Course For Artists

(New Enterprise Incentive Scheme)

Clarke Carthew and Assoc. Pty. Ltd.











2004 Contemporary Artists Exhibition

1999 St. Stephens Art Exhibition

1998 Amnesty International

1997 Garry McEwan Gallery

1997 National Gallery of Victoria

1997 Manningham Art Space

1996 Yume Ya Gallery

1995 The Women’s Gallery

1994 Australian Contemporary Art Fair

1993 Gallery 101 Collins Street

1993 The Women’s Gallery

1993 Footscray Acquisitive Exhibition

1991 The Women’s Gallery

1990 The Women’s Gallery

1989 Eltham Art Awards

1989 Co-Creators Christian Art Exhibition

1988 Godconcept Art Gallery

1988 Spoleto Festival

1986 Gallery of Melbourne

1985 Adelaide Fringe Festival

1985 Gallery of Melbourne

1983 Adelaide Fringe Festival

1982 Adelaide Fringe Festival

1976 - 1978 Warrnambool






2013 Collingwood Gallery

2000 Goya Gallery

1999 Manningham Gallery

1998 Studio 282 Gallery

1996 Steps Gallery

1995 Dianne Tanzer Gallery

1993 Dianne Tanzer Gallery

1991 Dianne Tanzer Gallery

1990 The Women’s Gallery

1988 Artist’s Space Gallery

1984 U-Space Gallery







Thirteen years - solo movement and voice exploration in private dance studio.


Three years - ran private Movement Workshops, 1 emphasis on exploration and philosophy of movement.


One year - Martha Graham Technique - teacher: Gayrie McSween.


Five years - Dance Improvisations - teachers: Lindon Nichols, Al Wunder.


Ten years - Modern Dance Technique - teacher: Margaret Lasica (4 classes per week).


One year - Voice Production based on Oriental breathing technique, Stanislavski and Grotowski Methods - teacher: Stephen Mrowinski.


Six months - African Dance Workshops - teachers: Khobbler and Keefe West.


Three years - training in Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do).


Five years - Voice Workshops - self and group exploration.


One year - training with I.R.A.A. (Italian Theatre Co.) - Director: Renato Cuoccolo.


Two years - Oki Do Yoga: Takao Nakazoma.








1981 “My Father, My Paintings and I….”


Venue: I.E.C.D.


1982 “The Balance of Quality:

Multi-Media: dance, lights, 8mm film, original soundtrack

Venues: Adelaide ‘Quantum Leaps’ Women’s Art Festival 1982;



1983 "The Balance Of Quality" (updated)


Melbourne Fringe Festival 1983


1983 “Ritual”

Multi-Media: dance, mime, objects, slides

Venues: Extensions 1983; Part of ‘Dance 84’


1984 "Ritual" (updated)

Extensions Dance Studio

Melbourne Fringe Festival


“Myth Of The Innocent Man” Multi-Media Venues: Extensions as part of ‘Image 85’; also at Fringe Festival Performance Art Weekend 1985


1985 “Myth Of The Innocent Man” and “Ritual” were performed at ‘Woman At The Elm’ WOMEN 150 Festival 1985


1985 “Spontaneous Performance at Griffin Art Gallery

Title: “Dressed In White and Not Invited”


1986 Three variety nights, a program of diverse performances including dance and music

Venue: St Marks Hall


1986 One year performance in “Taking The Plunge” Dance Improvisations


1986 “Peace” Picolo Spoleto Festival

Venue: La Mama


Various appearance as percussionist and singer in band “EM KAY KAY AY”


1988 “Eve’s Dance” as member of Jamcat Movement Theatre, Adelaide Fringe Festival


1988 Percussionist and vocalist in “Flight Of The Dog” by Angie Potsch

Venue: Extensions


1989 “Chant” Jamcat Movement Theatre. Production of “Collection”

Venue: Extensions


1990 “Chant” (revised) Extensions as part of ‘Image 90’.


1991 “The Birds Are Too Loud” - The Women’s Gallery


1993 “Chook” - Performance Video







1979 Warrnambool Theatre Company


1980 “Counterspaces” by Dr D. Kahans at La Mama


1982 “I’ll Go To Aust. And Buy A Hat” by T. Lyssiotis. Bi-Lingual play (3 extended seasons) at La Mama and Open Space


1981 “Mannequins” by J. Hughes, Anthill


1986 “Playing Man and The Present”, Em Kay Kay Ay Performance Group

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Prahran College

Monash University

Swinburne Institute

Burwood Teachers’ College


1986 Member of Poetica Theatre Co., Director: Stefan Mrowinski

Cast in play “Gates of Hell”


1987 Founder of JAMCAT Movement Theatre







1981 “The Balance of Quality”


1984 “Myth Of The Innocent Man”


1986 “Peace” Chant


“Playing Man And The Present”


1988 “Eve’s Dance”


“Chant” (for A. Potsch “Flight Of The Dog”)


1989 “Chant”


1991 “The Birds Are Too Loud”







1986 Women At The Elm WOMEN 150


Three Variety Nights, St Mark’s Hall


Playing Man and The Present productions


1987 Dance Program, JAMCAT Movement Theatre “Grace 22” Picolo Spoleto


1988 Dance Program JAMCAT Movement Theatre, Adelaide Festival


1988 Solo Exhibition Artist’s Space (Publicist)


1989 Dance Program, JAMCAT Movement Theatre “Collection”


1991 Dance Program, The Women’s Gallery


Solo Exhibition, The Women’s Gallery


Group Exhibition, The Women’s Gallery


1996 “Waiting for Millennium” Solo Exhibition Steps Gallery


1999 “Millennium Two” Solo Exhibition, Manningham Gallery


1999 "Flowers And Fruit" Solo Exhibition, 282 Studio Gallery


2000 "Final Analysis" Solo Exhibition, Goya Gallery






1981 - 1990 Emergency Teaching Secondary Schools


1981 One year Creative Movement, Fitzroy Community School (four year olds)


1985 & 1986 Creative Movement and Drawing at Blackburn Community House (two years)


Four years Voice/Chant Workshops (private teaching)


Four years Movement Workshops (private teaching)


1995 Tutoring, Koorie Institute of Education, Deakin University


1996 & 1997 Private Tutoring (Drawing and Design)







1983 Made and sold original jewellery


1989 Made props for Lygon St Festival


1993 Made props for Video Production







Article by Julia Schramme in LIVE ART


Theatre Review by Darry Cloonan, MELBOURNE TIMES, 1982


Theatre Review, NEOS COSMOS


Colour Photo Caption Good Weekend June 1993


Exhibition on Review Neos Cosmos


Front/Back cover ‘Overland’ Spring 1993 plus black and white insets


Review of “Grace 22” production


October 28, 1987


Review of “Grace 22” production by


October 1987



June 21, 1988


Article by Vivian Morris in NEOS COSMOS

June 27, 1988


Article by Anna Epstein in DIRECTIONS


June 29, 1988


Photo in “The Age E.G.”

February 1995


Colour Photo Caption “Good Weekend”

1996 Feature Article in ‘Emfasis’ 1996


Feature Article in “Generation Extra”

November 25, 1996


Feature Article in “Herald-Sun”

March 23, 1997


Feature Article in “Neos Kosmos” English Weekly

March 21, 1997


Feature Article in “Neos Kosmos” English Weekly

July 1999


Article and Photo in Doncaster Leader Newspaper

August 1999








1996 Interview 3PLO

1995 Review Sunday Arts

1993 Review 3AW

1991 Interview 3CR Sistermatic

1990 Interview 3ZZZ Ethnic Program

1985 & 1987 Interview 3CR Dance Program

1986 Interview 3LO Adelaide Festival